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Digital Media Business

Media companies are the group of companies that were first confronted with the opportunities and risks of digital transformation. In the meantime, many traditional content providers, such as television broadcasters, publishers, and music labels, have changed their products, processes, business models, and their position in the value chain. New providers, often - but not exclusively - from the technology industry, are emerging with new services such as social networks. The background is the dissemination of the internet as a bidirectional medium covering all types of media and, increasingly, the opportunities offered by new approaches to merging and processing data. The aim of this research focus is to understand the impact of these technology-driven developments on the value creation of media companies as well as to develop and test innovative solution concepts.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (Director)
Jennifer Rix
Verena Thürmel
Hubertus Waltermann

Current topics:

  • Value Capturing and Revenue Models
  • Personalization of Content Offerings
  • Cross-Media-Concepts
  • Automatic Content Generation
  • Management of Content Platforms
  • Business Models for Media Companies of Two Generations


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