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About 40 years ago, digital technologies were a tool to improve the efficiency of a company's back office. Today, the strategic potential of digital technologies is much greater, ranging from modified organizational and leadership concepts to changed products, processes, and business models, changed structures of value creation and markets. Our goal is to support companies in systematically tapping the potential of digital technologies. Impulses for projects arise from new technological options as well as from new theoretical or methodological approaches.

Current fields of research:

  • Management of Digital Change


    Companies founded before the digital age must identify the opportunities of digital technologies and deal with associated risks systematically and proactively. Appropriate management structures and adequate instruments are required to cope with digital change. more

  • Data-based business concepts


    A previously unimaginable amount of data is now available for the management of companies. This data is often created as a by-product of the use of various application systems. Likewise, the technologies for aggregating and analyzing large amounts of data have evolved significantly. more

  • Process & Algorithmic Management


    Business processes are the nexus where organizations perform work and generate value. Due to the ongoing digitalization in all economic sectors, companies must continuously evaluate the potential of new technologies, implement them and adapt their processes accordingly. Digital technologies do not only support employees, but act increasingly autonomous or even as managers. more

  • Digital Media Companies


    Media companies are the group of companies that were first confronted with the opportunities and risks of digital transformation. The aim of this research focus is to understand the impact of these technology-driven developments on the value creation of media companies as well as to develop and test innovative solution concepts. more


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