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Process & Algorithmic Management

Process & Algorithmic Management 

Business processes are the nexus where organizations perform work and generate value. Due to the ongoing digitalization in all economic sectors, companies must continuously evaluate the potential of new technologies, implement them and adapt their processes accordingly. Digital technologies do not only support employees, but act increasingly autonomous or even as managers. How technologies are used in business processes and change them is the core of this research group. These topics are usually approached through an empirical approach.


Dr. Bastian Wurm (Director)
Luc Becker

Current research topics

  • Management of employees through algorithms
  • Collaborations of managers and algorithms
  • Use of digital twins in organizations
  • Value creation through process mining
  • Governance for process management
  • Process change through endogenous and exogenous factors
  • Methodological innovations through digital trace data


  • SAP Signavio
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin- – Prof. Jan Mendling and Lukas Pfahlsberger
  • University of Liechtenstein – Prof. Jan vom Brocke and Dr. Thomas Grisold
  • University of Cologne – Prof. Christoph Rosenkranz and Pascal Budner


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