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Data-based business concepts

A previously unimaginable amount of data is now available for the management of companies. This data is often created as a by-product of the use of various application systems. Likewise, the technologies for aggregating and analyzing large amounts of data have evolved significantly. This research group focuses on the question of how companies can tap into this data and how they can use it to change management and value creation. Both personal and non-personal data are considered. The approach to the topics is usually empirical, but occasionally innovative solutions are developed and tested.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (Director)
Dr. Rahild Neuburger
Pauline Liebert
Julia Schulmeyer
Ronja Schwinghammer

Current Research Topics:

  • Privacy among consumers and in the workplace
  • Privacy strategies of companies
  • Integration of Data Scientists into the organization
  • Inverse transparency and leadership
  • Data-based innovations in controlling





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